Howard Miller Singing 
The National Guard March

JMAB’s in-house composer, Howard Miller, privately sings his new song for George Jacob during JMAB’s Christmas Party of December 12, 2010.  The tune is called the National Guard March which is a tribute to all the Guard members that have served and are presently serving our country both here and abroad.  The words are as follows:

We sing about the Army,
We sing about the Navy,
We sing about the Air Force, too.
We sing about the Coast Guard,
We sing about Marine Corps,
And now we’re going to sing about you.
Your National Guard is ready,
On the land and in the air.
Your National Guard is ready,
We will serve you anywhere.
We fight for the right, not the wrong,
And if disaster comes along,
Your National Guard is ready,
To help keep America Strong…boomp!

Click here to hear the band arrangment of  The National Guard March.